What kind of store are we?

We are a road, triathlon, and timetrial specialty shop.

Like Corralitos Sausage Company, Wild Horses 4x4, An-Jan Feed & Supply, or Barney's we are specialists.  We cater to the microcosm of cycling enthusiasts that yearn for the beauty, speed, and poetry that's found on the open road.

These are stores you may or may not know, but all share a similar thread - they have a focused, yet diverse and deep inventory – and staff that are experienced and strife with knowledge to deliver the appropriate product to the client in an efficient fashion that creates and fosters an indefinite relationship between us and the client.  In short – leaders in their respective industry – and that is our goal, to be the leader in our niche industry – the road, tri and TT markets of all experience levels. 


Editorial HIghlights

Coaching Seminar Tonight:  Embracing the Pain, Enhancing the Focus: Mental Toughness in Sport" by  Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

For anyone who has ever experienced a moment of self-doubt be it in racing, training or just in the quest to complete a sporting goal this clinic is for you

A Word with Mat Steinmetz
A good fitter, to put it bluntly, knows what a good position looks like and has the skills to problem solve and guide a client towards that position.
don't feel any sort of betrayal or loss or anger at Lance.