What kind of store are we?

We are a road, triathlon, and timetrial specialty shop.

Like Corralitos Sausage Company, Wild Horses 4x4, An-Jan Feed & Supply, or Barney's we are specialists.  We cater to the microcosm of cycling enthusiasts that yearn for the beauty, speed, and poetry that's found on the open road.

These are stores you may or may not know, but all share a similar thread - they have a focused, yet diverse and deep inventory – and staff that are experienced and strife with knowledge to deliver the appropriate product to the client in an efficient fashion that creates and fosters an indefinite relationship between us and the client.  In short – leaders in their respective industry – and that is our goal, to be the leader in our niche industry – the road, tri and TT markets of all experience levels. 


Editorial HIghlights

Horizontals & Verticals – A segmented approach to fit and performance problems

“Bike Fit” has become a buzz word in the last 5 years.  For those of us that have been vested in the biomechanics, performance and comfort aspects of fitting for decades, we as a group are a bit turned off by the trends that have occurred.  For the most part – there are valiant efforts made on the part of major manufacturers.  Bike geometries in general have improved significantly in this period of time.  However – have the positions improved when a client leaves a store with a new bike?  For the most part, we would argue “no.”  

Let’s face it; we all have an endearing name for our nether regions when it comes to cycling - including the products we smear all over ourselves trying to relieve the discomfort from pedaling mile after mile.  “Nutter Butter”, “Taco Sauce”, “Butt Gravy”, etc.  Call it what you will, if you spend any extended amount of time in the saddle you’re soon to start a never-ending search of that perfect hinny lube.

Coaching Seminar Tonight:  Embracing the Pain, Enhancing the Focus: Mental Toughness in Sport" by  Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

Davis Wheelworks is proud to host a talk entitled "Embracing the Pain, Enhancing the focus: Mental Toughness in Sport" by  Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli. We'd like to invite you to spend this Monday April 8th @ 7 p.m. at Davis Wheelworks with us and Dr. Petruzzelli where we will discuss and learn to apply concepts such as; imagery, self-talk, relaxation and goal setting.