Happy Holiday Sale!! Just a few days left.  Bikes 40% OR MORE!!

What’s the gap you need to fill?  Aero road — these are the performance stallions of the road bike universe.  A lightweight, stiff climbing bike — guaranteed to send you flying up the mountain.  Something more of a jack of all trades?  The new gravel bike genre is intriguing to many because of versatility.  Pavement, dirt, gravel…whatever you want these can tackle because of the abilty to take larger tires.  Now we have to admit, if you want to experiment with this category, don’t be afraid to take your existing road bike on dirt and gravel….it can take it.  Back in the day, we called this LeveeCross, because we would take our high-zoot carbon road bikes out and race around on the local levee’s and mountain bike trails.

If you are a triathlete with your season having wound down, or a time trialist taking your winter break, now is the time to consider a new rig for next season.  There are a few reasons (other than the obvious being amazing sale price).  One — it takes some time to dial in the new position.  Over the winter and spring we will work with you to refine your existing position on the new bike and tweak it to maximize performance and sustainabilty.  Often times, this means starting from zero if someone has a less than optimal current position (you know who you are).  Two — the handling characteristics of some of the new generation bikes is significantly different than in the past.  Believe it or not, there is HUGE time to be saved/gained by people if they simply work on their handling skills.  This is the epitome of “free speed.”  Three — there simply has not been much (if any) change in Tri/TT models from 2014 to 2015.  This holds true for the great majority of the major manufacturers.  There is always an ebb and flow with the release of new developments, and the upcoming season simply represents a collective “ebb”.  What this means for you — it’s an opportune time to take advantage of remaining 2014 bikes we have on sale.

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Triathlon Race & Training Nutrition Services

To be clear — we are not talking about nutrition services OFF the swim/bike/run.  We are really offering services aimed at triathletes who are having issues with fueling during racing & training. This is a very prevalent issue that has plauged most triathletes at some point.  In reality, the longer course you go, the higher the likelihood of nurtition being an issue.

Nutrition problems can manifest themsleves in many ways.  If someone is simply bonking (running out of energy), then we rejoice.  That is by far the most simple — and rare — problem to solve.  Far more often we are talking issues relating to some aspect of gastric distress….which may include bloating (can be debiltating) or rapid & immediate gastric emtying (find a bathroom FAST).  

The typical answers people look to are unfortunately not usually the solution.  A common approach is thinking that the problem must be induced by whatever particular product you are eating.  Sometimes this is the case, but often it is far more complex.  The right balance of fueling product, delivery system, protocol and prep in lead up to an event are all critical.

Over the years we have had the fortune of working with many professional triathletes in a consulting function.  They are no less prone to GI issues than the rest of us.  However, there is one big difference.  If they are to be successful in their career, they MUST figure out a solution.  As such, we have worked with the best nutritionists and athletes in the world to develop protocols and technique to solve these issues.  Unfortunately many age group triathletes simply live with this limitation or are driven out of the sport.  

For the first time, we are offering the services we provide our professional customers to our age group clientele. This is not the same as ongoing nutritional consultation — typically there is a finite period of time we need to work with a client to figure out a protocol that provides them with zero GI distress, optimal performance and ease of use.  Usually this time period is between one to four months.

Each scenario is a bit different, so it is not possible to provide an absolute flat fee. On a monthly basis the service is $125 and will be pro-rated for shorter periods of service in the case of fast resolutions.  NOTE - this does require substantial input from the client…not just something we can provide and get results without feedback.  It is a process.  However, if you suffer from GI distress, you will be willing to put in the effort to rectify.  This can all be done remote.  

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